Posted by: gaylejervis | April 5, 2010


(Written on Thursday afternoon)

When the romantic comedy Notting Hill first came out on DVD, Greg and I watched it with Jesse, Kristen and her boyfriend David.  We had to press “pause” quite a few times during that movie since Kristen developed flu symptoms and needed to rush to the bathroom to vomit quite regularly.  In fact it was during that movie that I knew the boyfriend she was dating was a “winner” since it was he who held her head over the toilet and it was he who took her a glass of water.  The rest of us were gagging as we listened to her retching!  During my recovery from surgery I have begun watching a movie in the afternoon and I had planned to watch Notting Hill again without all of the former interruptions.  I had no idea that  more memories would soon become associated with the title Notting Hill.

It was getting close to lunch and I was reading from the Psalms and talking to God about my illness.  I had been coming to the conclusion that I tend to pray sporadically about my own health and I sensed that I must pray with the same zeal as I would if one of my four children or grandchild was ill.  I told Him that unless He told me otherwise I would pray in the same manner that David prayed for his and Bathsheba’s first baby. And just as I was finishing, the phone rang.

I looked at the Call Display and quickly lifted the receiver since it was from my gynecologist’s office.. The voice on the end of the phone told me she had information to give me about my appointment that my doctor had set up to get another consultation for me!  Greg has been getting more and more insistent about my calling this office to get laboratory results from my surgery to ensure all of the cancer was taken.  I have continued telling him that no news is good news.  As I listened to this voice, I could feel my heart beat begin racing since I didn’t think that this news was good news!  When I first talked to this woman, I was a little confused and said that I do have an appointment for my 6 -week check-up.  There was a pause and then this woman said, “Dr. Mah hasn’t talked to you?”  Suddenly, the conversation changed and she told me that she would have the doctor give me a call this afternoon.

I couldn’t help remembering my response two weeks ago when I was reading Chronicles of Narnia:  that before things begin to get better, sometimes things might go from bad to worse.  I knew  I needed to distract myself from any negative thoughts and I decided to start watching the movie as I had planned earlier; I grabbed the DVD, walked downstairs and put it into the player.  Just as the romance between Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant was developing,  the phone rang. I didn’t even stop the player, I just grabbed the phone, said, “Hello” and began walking upstairs .  I sat at the kitchen table holding a pen and I began writing as my doctor explained that I had had  a rather large tumor and that it was rather extensive in the muscle of the uterus.  Therefore, she wanted a second opinion and so she was sending me to the Cross Cancer Clinic.   From my questions, she said that the tests looked good but the oncologist would decide whether something else needed to be done.  She confirmed that I may need radiation or chemotherapy.

I hung up the phone and felt tremendous relief!  The cancer was not in the  lymph nodes and that is a very good thing!  I thanked God that the news was much better than I first feared!  My hands were a little shaky as evidence that waiting for this information took its toll on my nervous system!  I did something that was most unusual for me.  I poured a glass of white wine and carried it downstairs to watch the rest of the movie.  I observed  my own private toast to the sanctity of life, to the value of health,  to my gratitude for my family and friends and to God who  empowers me to have victory in all circumstances.    And as I watched that movie, I began planning for the day that  Greg and I will fly to London and walk through Notting Hill perhaps on market day.  We will recall my “brush” with cancer and as we eat fish and chips in a  quaint restaurant or pub, we  will again thank God profusely for His healing mercies.



  1. You continue to be challenged with circumstances that cause you to draw nearer to the One and Only who can offer you the peace you need. We continue to lift you in prayer and share pieces of our hearts with God to heal you. Through it all, we all draw closer to you and to the God of the Universe.
    Psalm 20:5
    We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.

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