Posted by: gaylejervis | October 21, 2010


Kristen had taken me out looking for wallpaper on Monday morning and we were now back home eating lunch.  Suddenly, she screamed, standing up abruptly from her chair and began to cry!  I immediately looked toward the kitchen where she was pointing and I too saw a very large mouse crawling up a baseboard and into a corner cupboard.  As I heard my usually very calm daughter but now a very hormonally challenged pregnant woman crying, I began looking for something to blockade the mouse in the cupboard.  The back of my kitchen chair was too high to fit under the counter   but then Kristen suggested the piano stool.  I pushed the stool into the corner of this cupboard and proceeded to blockade two other cupboards.   We moved into the living room and tried to think about something other than mice.  We looked at the wallpaper samples that we had brought home but our concentration was rather taxed!  We would occasionally giggle when we would jump whenever we heard any movement in the kitchen.  It didn’t help since Riley sat in front of a cupboard the whole time whining, barking and occasionally pawing at the cupboard.

I couldn’t get hold of Greg at work but left him a message.  Then I called my sister-in-law who has had some of her own personal experiences with mice.  I had to leave a message with her also.  Fortunately, she called back quickly and told me that Jack my brother-in-law was landing at the Airport within minutes and she would text message him to come and rescue us.  My wonderful brother-in-law who is a pilot called a few minutes later as he was parked at Canadian Tire. He was in the process of picking us up some mousetraps.

By the time he arrived, Greg had also come home since he heard my rather plaintive message.  Kristen and I left them as we escaped into the bedroom upstairs as we didn’t want to be on the main floor if the mouse escaped when they opened the cupboard door.  Jack had already reassured us that the mouse was more scared of us and that it would retreat into the corner of the cupboard but we weren’t convinced.  Anyways, as Kristen and I lay on the bed, I began thinking that I should place a towel in front of the door since a mouse could squeeze through that small space between the door and the floor!  Just as I was standing in front of the door, the door opened.  Kristen tells me she didn’t think I could jump so high.  It was a rather large human-like mouse:  Greg!  We began to laugh hysterically!

Later, when Jack departed, Kristen walked back into the kitchen and I was a little behind her.  I arrived in the same room to hear her tell Greg, “I just heard the mouse squeal”.  That was apparently too much information for me.  I had been priding myself on my calm   but I think it was a parental reaction when I saw my daughter so emotional.  I now burst into tears!  I was so very tired from our excursion in the morning, I was having a slight reaction from spending so much time in Home Depot, and I recalled five years ago when we discovered mice living under our counter top when we were in the process of replacing it.  Kristen decided that I should go home with her and watch a movie since Greg had to go out that night.   I was exhausted, but we ate our popcorn while watching our yearly movie, “Two Weeks Notice” smiling at each other as we anticipated our favorite scenes.  David, my son-in-law, God bless his more rural soul, drove me home and then checked our cupboard to see if Kristen really had heard a mouse squeal.  Yes indeed, he removed the mouse that apparently was enjoying my bag of flax seed.

Greg returned home and they looked for the source of its entrance.  They were both convinced that Riley our little bichon-shih tzu had let him. Our little dog waits patiently for us to let him in from outside when we are in the kitchen.  Otherwise, if the screen door is open, he uses his nose and opens the door to come in.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t learned how to close the door!  They speculated that the mouse saw the open door!

I wasn’t so convinced and those doubts were confirmed when a second mouse was found in the morning.  Greg and David and now my son were holding to their theory but now it was two buddies who scampered inside!  However, their theory was tested even further when the next day a third mouse was discovered!  We called in pest control yesterday and wouldn’t you know that after looking closely at every possible entrance he concluded that the mice had entered through the patio door!  A whole party was being hosted at my house since they heard about the open door policy!  The good news is that there was no indication of a mouse this morning and we are now hopeful that the news has spread through the mice community that the party is over at the Jervis’ household!

I can’t say I am enjoying this mouse invasion as I have everything that was in those two cupboards sitting on top of my counter and as I still have chairs propped against the cupboards for my peace of mind.  However, once again, I have experienced the love and support of family.  I have a sister-in-law who has been giving me lots of verbal support since only last year she had 21 mice in her own garage!  I have a brother-in-law who comes off a long shift flying an airplane to immediately come and do a mouse search. The next day he had to fly to Toronto but yesterday when he returned and he landed at the airport, he called to see if we needed any more help.  I have a daughter who would have been only too glad to leave our mouse dwelling in our cupboard but stayed with me.  And we will have another memory of our bizarre humor when we couldn’t stop laughing after I jumped when Greg a rather large human apparition of a mouse entered our bedroom.  We had another laugh when Greg came back and squealed in a high voice before entering our bedroom.  Then I have such gratitude for my four children who hosted Greg’s birthday since I haven’t cooked in the kitchen since our little critters’ party.  And who will forget my grandson’s enthusiasm yesterday when he arrived asking, “Where are the mice?”  Yes, I know that we will get rid of our mice but I will not get rid of my sweet memories of family support.





  1. Touch wood but…we have never had mice! We had a cat so maybe that kept them OUT. However, I prefer to have any adventures with mice through your eyes rather than firsthand experience. Hopefully, the doors will now remain closed. Have you ever thought about a ‘doggie door’ flap?

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