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I had a decision to make this morning.  Do I surrender to the pain, the fatigue and yes even more cold symptoms that have been settling in my body for 6 weeks?  As I lay in bed, I knew that I wasn’t going to sleep again since the pain in my legs and arms were making it difficult to find a comfortable position.  And yet, there was such a temptation to just lay there wallowing in a little self-pity.

But then I began to smile as I recalled how yesterday I received the sweetest e-mail from my daughter-in-law that any Grandma could receive called “Jackson’s Conversation With God”: Just wanted you to know, this morning Jackson on his own, between bites of food, said “Dear God, I want you to know that I love my Grandma and Grandpa”. My smile of contentment grew as I remembered that my grandson was coming over for lunch before he and I had our naps and then he would be spending the night with us.  Could there possibly be any stronger impetus to drive me out of my warm bed, to cook some oatmeal, to take some pain medication and determine that he and I would have a pleasant time together even if it is just watching a movie and chatting together.

I don’t want my grandson to associate illness with me but instead to associate fun with me.  There is no way that I can compete with his Grandpa who tosses him in the air and throws him in snow banks but I never could do that even with my own children!  Therefore, I have been spending time gathering simple activities that focus on a Bible story and that includes some other topic such as “What is winter?”

On Wednesday when he arrived to spend the day with me, I was having a “better” day and decided what better time to see if Jackson will enjoy these “Play Dates”.   I am excited to say that we had a great time together and that day I wrote the following summary and included the following photos of our morning:

Today, January 12th we started the program I have been writing called Play Dates With My Grandson.  We learned about Joseph and his many -colored coat and we made some crafts for the theme of winter.

When I told Jackson we were going to read a Bible story about Joseph, he asked, “Where’s Mary?”  I had to explain that there were two Josephs in the Bible.  I was impressed how well he understood the story and how Joseph’s brothers were very mean.  He can tell me the name of Joseph’s Dad Jacob.

He quite enjoyed my tying my scarf around his wrists as  I lead him around the house talking about how Joseph’s brothers sold him and how Joseph was tied up a walked a long ways  from Canaan to Egypt.  He reminded me that first Joseph was thrown into a pit.

In the past, Jackson hasn’t been very excited about doing crafts but I can see a gradual change as he quite enjoyed using the markers both Jesse and Kristen used when they were young to color a coffee filter.  He especially enjoyed using my water sprayer to spray the filter and watch the colors spread.  I cut a tunic from this coffee filter and then he spread glue on the picture of Joseph and pressed the tunic onto the template.  I was quite impressed how it all looked.

We also read The Snowy Day and role played being Peter doing all of the activities Peter did outside. I had to laugh when he imitated Peter by looking outside and seeing the snow, except he shouts, “I see snow and I see Riley’s pee.”  It has been so cold that Riley prefers to pee on the deck and Jackson saw yellow snow!   In our roleplay, we made a snowman, we took a “stick” and knocked the snow on the ground and we laughed when the snow landed on our heads.  He enjoyed my lying on the floor with him “making angels in the snow.”  Then we made a collage using pieces of tissue paper and glued them on a white sheet of paper.  He especially enjoyed squirting on the page Aylmer’s glue and then using a paintbrush to spread the glue around! He enjoyed it even more when  I gave him a water sprayer and as I held up the picture, he sprayed water on the paper. To finish, he held a blow dryer to dry his picture. Then I showed him pictures from the book The Snowy Day and talked about how the author used watercolors for his pictures too!

We read more books about winter and then made one last picture.  I didn’t have a calendar or magazine picture of winter so I just printed off a coloring page of two children making a snowman.  I had used wax crayons earlier to color the page.  All Jackson had to do was paint a mixture of water and Epsom salts on the whole page in order to create crystals.  I was rather impressed by the results. 

When I went to make our lunch I discovered I had no bread and only buns.  Therefore, I cut the bun in half, flattened it, and cut out a smaller version of Joseph’s tunic.  I showed him how to spread jam on Joseph’s tunic which he quite enjoyed doing.

Our final activity went over well since he really enjoyed listening to the CD, “Music Play Date.”  When we listened to “Freeze Dance”, I showed him how to dance and then freeze until the singer told us to move again.

Next week I am looking forward to reading to Jackson about how Joseph ends up in prison and of course we will continue reading about winter and doing a few more crafts.  However, as Greg has been shoveling our dumps of snow, he isn’t too sure about one of Jackson’s books that he brought home from the library called “Hooray For Snow.”



  1. Seems you have been practising with your blog and how to add pictures. I agree that they add a lot to your story. As usual, your ‘games’ with Jackson are an inspiration to me. I want to do crafts too but they are not my thing. Guess I need your inspiration because I think I will need to do them with the grandkids too for them to remember our visits. Keep blogging!

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