Posted by: gaylejervis | January 26, 2011


I really believe that God honors my heart’s desire to develop a relationship with my Grandson and gives me extra endurance on Wednesdays so that Jackson and I can enjoy our  play date together.  Lately whenever I see him, I emphasize the day that he comes to see me and this morning when Lisa told him he was coming here today, he enthusiastically said,   “It’s Wednesday!!”

He and I seem to be developing a routine where I give him a movie that has something to do with our theme when he first arrives, and while he watches it, I get our supplies ready for our activities.  I love how he says, “You got a movie from the library for me.”  He makes it sound like I did something so special for him!  Anyways, this morning he enjoyed watching the movie, Arthur’s Snow Day.

I felt a little guilty when he reminded me that he was going to do a craft about Joseph in the pit today. I hadn’t expected him to remember his concern last week when we did various pictures of Joseph and he decided that we should have done one of Joseph  being  thrown in the pit!   I told him that instead we would be learning about Moses when he was a baby.  He seemed satisfied with my reply!

Therefore, I read to him Jenny Koralek’s picture book The Moses Basket. When we did a craft, he told me that I could spread the glue with the brush while he used the glue bottle. Therefore, together we glued the templates together.   You can see the results of our collaboration below!

Then as I talked about the basket that Mose’s mother prepared for her baby, I asked Jackson if everything floated in the water.  He said, “Yes”.  I asked him to drag a kitchen chair in front of the sink, stand up on the chair, and float various items I had ready for him in a sink of water.  He would tell me whether it floated or not!  That activity was such a success we must have done it at least 5 times!

We proceeded to talk about winter and read various library books about winter.  When I explained how spring comes after winter, he became quite animated and grabbed me by the shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, “Yes, that is when Lightning McQueen comes!!” Now if we all could become so excited about a movie coming – or for that matter, about anything at all!!  As we talked about the books we read, I mentioned how Jackson’s Dad has helped a lot of people this last while as they have been getting stuck in the snow.  Jackson added that his Dad helped Lucy on her driveway.  And then the “Bobcat man came and helped Daddy.”  Such pride in his voice about his Daddy made me burst with pride over my son the Daddy!!

Anyways, we returned to the kitchen table to do some “winter” activities.  I sprinkled some powdered paint on some paper, gave him a craft stick that I had frozen in an ice cube tray and told him to spread the paint with his ice cube “brush”.  Whenever I tried telling him he was doing an abstract painting he would tell me he sees an elephant!

I had read that I could blend an equal amount of banana with raisins, cool in the fridge and that you could create a snowman by rolling this mixture into balls and then roll in coconut.  Well, my mixture was way too moist so I skipped that activity.  Therefore, I impulsively pulled out a cookie sheet, opened our patio door and scooped some snow onto it.  He was definitely surprised when I said that we were going to make a small snowman! Before making a snowman, I gave him  magnifying glass to look at the snow as I told him that no snowflake was the same.   Of course, while he and I tried making a snowman, he enjoyed eating some of the fresh snow!  The snow became ice so quickly that it was actually difficult to work with.  However, that didn’t take away from his pleasure! His little snowman is presently sitting outside on the deck.

When he was making his abstract painting with an ice cube, he wanted to lick the ice cube.    Therefore, I told him that later I would show him how to make a special Snow Drink.   I pulled out a glass, once again opened the patio door and filled it with snow.  Then I gave him a measuring cup containing orange juice and told him to pour that into his glass of snow.  I asked him if he wanted it chunkier and he said, “Yes”.  I proceeded to go get him more snow!  Well, he sat there and thoroughly enjoyed his Snow Drink and drank the last drop.

Back in the family room, I gave him some cutouts of Frosty the Snowman and as I read the poem to him, he placed the pieces on a flannel board.  Then I asked him to tell the story as he put the pieces on the flannel board.  I love his enthusiasm to participate in all of these activities!

By this time we were ready to have lunch, watch Arthur’s Snow Day again, and then it was time for both of us to have our naps.

Once again,  a day of pleasure for both my grandson and me!



  1. Wow, you had a full morning! It’s so great to see the pictures along with your text! It really does add to the reading experience. He must feel like a very special little boy when gramma is always taking his photo!!! Great memories are being made. Good for you.

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