Posted by: gaylejervis | February 2, 2011


“My children will not remember the words of wisdom I’ve passed along over the years nor will yours remember the good advice you’ve given.  However, etched in their minds and planted in their hearts is a permanent picture of who you are and how you’ve lived before them. ” Dorothy Patterson.

On Monday I got a call from my sister-in-law who was taking care of Jackson to tell me that Jackson was quietly playing with his toys when he heard the radio announcer refer to Egypt in the news.  He stopped playing, became quite animated and said exuberantly, “Egypt!”  Then he told his Auntie,  “Joseph was thrown in the pit.”  Apparently,  he proceeded to tell her the whole story about the mean brothers and how Joseph ended up in jail and then he became a great ruler!  He told her, “Grandma told me about Joseph on Wednesday.” Well, doesn’t he say all the right things!!

This morning he said we could play the “Samuel Game.”  I realized the game was calling out Samuel’s name and I played the role of Eli telling him it was God who spoke to him.  He had learned this story in Sunday School  Later he began telling me stories about David until he thoughtfully put his finger on his chin trying to remember  a particular name.  Then  he looks at me and asks, “What is the name of that guy with David?”  I guessed a few names until judging by his response I correctly said, “King Saul.”  Obviously, Jackson’s parents are always reading from his Preschool Bible and telling him Bible stories!

Then when we began talking about Moses, he proceeded to tell me how Moses saw the mean Pharaoh and his stick turned into a snake.  I explained that the story I was going to tell him occurred before Moses saw Pharaoh, and it is when Moses sees a burning bush.   I had already lit a candle so that he wouldn’t see  the matches and we watched the candle burn and he knew he could blow it out  – unlike the burning bush.  We also put a jar over another lit candle to see that the flame burned out  – unlike the burning bush.

Then he used a straw to blow the colors of paint over the bush on his craft  to make a burning bush.

I showed him his Preschool Bible and explained that it was divided into two parts.  He is now learning what stories are from the Old Testament and what stories are from the New Testament.

To complete our January winter theme,  I had filled a two- litre container with water and froze it.  I peeled off the container from the ice block so that Jackson could create an ice sculpture.   He poured coarse salt on top and then sprinkled various colors of food coloring to see tunnels of colors as the salt melted through the ice block.  We put it outside but it is melting quickly today!

He also enjoyed choosing from various paper templates of scarves and hats to decorate his two snowmen.

Then we went into our empty living room since our hardwood was just installed on Monday to have an indoor snowball fight.  I had collected a number of white socks and   at first he threw them into the laundry basket, but then we started throwing them at each other.  At one point, he put the laundry basket over himself and said, “I have on my armor.” This activity was definitely a hit.  He was very charming during our snowball fight since he would continually stop and collect the snowballs and give some to me!

During our action-packed snowball fight, just before he aimed a sock snowball at me, he said,  “Grandpa needs to come home to have a snowball fight.”

In fact,  even after we finished playing this game, he held the phone, dialed one number and spoke into the receiver,   “Hello Grandpa, come home.”  He had a nice surprise when his Grandpa arrived home for lunch.  When they were preparing to go into the living room,  Jackson said, “Don’t watch Grandpa, play with me.”  – which of course his Grandpa was only too glad to do!

Before lunch, we had popped some popcorn and added some melted marshmallow and margarine to the mixture.  I buttered his hands so that he could shape this popcorn into balls to form snowmen.  We later had this for dessert.  Very yummy!  Grandpa asked Jackson, “Who made these snowmen?”  Jackson proudly answered, “ME!”    Another day well spent with my grandson!


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