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HOW IS YOUR P.M.A.? When my son and daughter used to attend a basketball camp, one of the coaches would shout this question and the players would leap as high as they could and shout, “FANTASTIC”!

Many of us adults and especially those of us who have been ill for years might not have such a Positive Mental Attitude. These past few days I have been looking at steps people have suggested that build our positive self-image.

Today I am looking at steps 7 to 9 that have a direct bearing on how much enthusiasm we can muster in order to shout “Fantastic”.  If we don’t love ourselves completely, and if we are filling our minds with negative limiting beliefs and if we don’t feel that our uniqueness is worth shouting about, we will definitely not be leaping into the air with a positive mental attitude.

Seventh Step:  Learn To Love Yourself.  If self-love is associated with DOING, then the self-love for the chronically ill is seriously tested.  We need to find ways to love ourselves that is not based on our productivity.  Too often even in the Christian community there is an emphasis on how God has a GREAT purpose for our lives, but often the inference is that God’s purpose is for us to become highly productive in a ministry.  It is easy then to develop a sense of inferiority and self-condemnation rather than self-love!

I think our positive self-image could soar if we focused more on what God says about us.   How can we not love ourselves if we truly believed such statements as ” I have been given the mind of Christ” or “ I am a child of God and an heir through God.”

EIGHTH STEP:  Give Positive Affirmations

Who we are in Christ would make empowering positive affirmations! Our minds and spirits may respond more readily to those statements than the affirmations that we could create for ourselves since we couldn’t say that those affirmations are just lies! Could we possibly have a poor self-image if we truly believed that “I am holy” (Romans 11:16)?   Our self-image would just grow exponentially if we embraced such truths as “I am a temple of God; His Spirit dwells in me.”  (1 Corinthians 3:16).  Or what about saying every day, “I have direct access to God through the Spirit.”  (Ephesians 2:18)!

For a list of Scripture that tells us what God says about you and me, check the following web-site:

NINTH STEP:  Remember That You Are Unique

Do you think that just because you are unique you will have a positive self-image?  What if you don’t like what makes you unique!! Our so-called uniqueness may just be further confirmation to us that we don’t have much to offer to the world!!!  Certainly, our chronic illness makes us unique but much of our non-conformity and alienation can also hinder  our positive self-image.

I think our uniqueness is tied to our sense of purpose and meaning and so once again only Scripture can reveal that to us.  It eliminates the emphasis on productivity and talents as a means to describe our uniqueness.

These steps remind me that my self-image only gets compromised when I forget what Scripture tells me about me. Only biblical truth can give me a positive mental attitude and can cause me  to leap in the air – if only in my imagination – shouting  “I AM FANTASTIC”!

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QUESTION:  How is your P.M.A.?  Or How is your positive mental attitude while you endure chronic illness?  How can these three steps help improve your positive self-image:  Learn to Love Yourself, Positive Affirmations, and Focus on your Uniqueness.



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