Posted by: gaylejervis | February 23, 2011


Did Moses really give his sheep to the Hebrew slaves?   Jackson and I read the stories about Moses from his Preschool Bible and I am so pleased how he can relate so many of the stories.  However, as he was preparing to role- play Moses, he mentioned that Moses gave his sheep to the slaves.  He knew that Moses was a shepherd when he saw the burning bush.   I guess he assumed he took his sheep with him when he went back to Egypt!

I enjoyed following my little Moses throughout the house as he lead us to the Red Sea.  When I called out that the pharaoh and his soldiers were following us, he turned around to look at me and said confidently, “God will save us’!  Then he held his staff to his mouth and began blowing.  In his Bible, we read that God blew a huge wind to separate the waters!  We calmly walked across the waters as my Moses said, “The bad guys can’t get us.”

After our roleplaying, I filled the sink with water, gave him some craft sticks and asked him to separate the waters.  When he couldn’t, I gave him two mugs to place upside down in the water.  I showed him how the water went around the mugs.  I explained that is all we humans can do.  Only God could separate the waters so that the Hebrews could walk across.

As he glued the pieces onto the construction paper about Moses and the parting of the Red Sea, I prayed that my little grandson’s confidence in God will continue to grow so that he will always be able to say boldly, “God will save us.”

I have never aspired to go on a safari but traveling to Africa with my grandson on a pretend safari has exceeded my expectations!  Today’s itinerary began with Jackson watching a Disney Educational Video about elephants.  Then we imitated the elephants as we walked heavily stomping our feet.  I love watching him when he gets a new idea as he took hold of Moses’ “staff” and held it to his nose.  Then he grabbed his thermos placing it  at the end, and pretended to use his trunk to get some water and to cool his body!

Later we began mixing together black and white paint and he discovered how his mixing these two together created grey.  He proceeded to paint a paper plate and when it dried, he glued on the elephant’s ears, eyes and trunk.

I appreciate his growing appreciation for detail as he noticed white spaces on the two elephants he was painting.  Then he handed me his brush and told me to paint as he showed me the blank spots that needed paint.

We had fun rolling out some puff pastry dough together.  He spread some sugar on top and then sprinkled some cinnamon.  His tactile nature enjoyed using his hands to spread this mixture evenly on the dough.  He helped me roll the dough and flatten it before I began slicing the roll.  Then he placed the cookies on the tray.  He became quite excited as he saw how they looked like elephant ears.  At least we thought they did!

Then it was time to for him to arrange his Safari Animals on the coffee table before he took some pictures.  He really enjoyed setting them up as I gave him containers to put under the towel to create hills.  I set the camera on a small tripod and we looked through the view- finder to decide what animals he wanted to film.

We concluded our study of elephants by reading books from the library.  I liked to emphasize that it was the Grandma elephant that is wise and leads the elephants!

By the time we completed these activities, it was time to eat lunch.  I set up his chair in front of the television so that he could watch Madagascar, an animated jungle movie, while he ate.  And of course his dessert was Elephant Ears!



  1. Another great lesson, Gayle. I enjoy watching my Great-Grandson as he is growing in so many way, physically, mentally and spiritually. You are a super Grandma and I know God will bless you for what you are doing. Love, Mom J.

  2. How wonderful our little ones are. May the Lord continue to work in Jackson’s life as he remembers these nuggets of “love” that you have had a special part in bringing into his life.

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