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I was looking outside this morning and said rather sadly, “Jackson, it’s snowing again and it’s so cold out there.”  He looked up at me and said matter of-factly, “Grandma, that’s because it’s winter.” In other words,   if it’s winter, then expect the cold!  I felt like I could apply his truism to much of my complaints:  If you eat too much, then expect to gain weight!  If you don’t exercise, then expect to have your muscles atrophy.  If you don’t sleep, then expect to be tired.  Once again, my grandson teaches his grandma a lesson.      And that is how our morning together began.

After reading about God giving Moses the Ten Commandments, we made a craft of Moses that we could place on top of our mountain.  It took us quite a long time building our mountain out of Lego Blocks, setting up the people near our mountain until they moved away from it after becoming scared of the thunder and earthquake that occurred.  Moses climbed to the top of the mountain where we had to glue the tablets of stone on the craft we made earlier.  Then the people assembled again at the bottom of the mountain to hear the Ten Commandments.  Later when he was playing, he called his mountain  – Moses’ Restaurant and he set up his people inside of the mountain to eat pizza!

We talked about the importance of following rules.  We played a game where I showed him a Green GO sign so that he could walk toward me.  He had to stop whenever I showed him the STOP sign.  Then we did it as he sat at the top of our stairs and he bumped his way downstairs until he would see the STOP sign.  Finally, he decided he wanted to hold the signs and I had to respond to the signs.  I had to tell him that Grandma didn’t run or hop after he gave me these prompts!

Then we set up his Road Playmat and I showed him the importance of following signs and rules.  We created various scenarios where two cars would crash if one car was driving on the wrong side of the road or if one car didn’t stop at  a stop sign.

Before Jackson arrived, I had printed a coloring page of Moses receiving the Commandments, colored the page and then cut it out as a puzzle.  Throughout the morning I kept asking him how many commandments God gave Moses, and to help him remember we counted the ten puzzle pieces before we began putting them together.

I’m always impressed for his eye for detail.  As we read from his Preschool Bible, he stopped me and asked about Pharoah’s haircut!  I didn’t understand so he took me back to the earlier page  when Moses was telling him, “Let my people go. ”  He had shorter hair in that picture than when he did chasing them to the Red Sea!!  He wanted to know why!

I had to chuckle when he was creating two tablets of stone from his play doh as he commented rather sadly, “My dad told me not to eat my playdoh!”

When we switched to lions, I discovered I had brought some books home that were too graphic  – at least for me.  They showed lions chasing their predators and even eating a zebra!  I quietly put those books aside.  We DID read Christian the Hugging Lion which is based on a true story of two young men in London in the 1970’s who bought a young lion at Harrod’s Department Store!  When Christian got too big they crated it back to Africa.  I showed Jackson the video when these two young men returned to Africa one year later and reunited with this huge lion.  We both laughed when we saw this lion hugging his two old friends.

He also enjoyed making a paper bag puppet.  He immediately put it on his hand, ROARED and said, ”Run Grandma.”

I had glued a lion’s face onto a paper plate, hole punched around its head and put some strands of wool in the holes.  As I told him the story about Leo, I’d pull a little of the wool onto the face until he had so much hair that Leo’s Mommy needed to give the lion a hair cut.  When I asked,  “Do you like getting your hair cut?”  He shook his head no and said, “I need long hair.  I want to be like Samson with lots of muscle!  I need to be strong.”

I toasted Jackson a crumpet and he put on carrot curls for the lion’s mane and a fruit snack for his nose and two raisins for his eyes.  Later, I gave him two graham wafers and told him to pretend they were stones that God wrote the Ten Commandments.  He used a craft stick with icing to spread “words” on the stones.  Then he asked, “I am going to eat it?”  Usually, he doesn’t ask that when he has food in front of him,  but maybe he isn’t always told he can eat “stones” or maybe he was in awe that these were God’s Commandments!!

As he collected his signs and his puppet to take home, he said, “Grandma, what are we doing next Wednesday after the lions?”  Yes, our Safari is over and next week we begin a new theme!



  1. He will remember these days when he gets older. You can tell he is enjoying them as he can’t wait till next week! Good for you in creatively making these stories so interesting for him to enjoy and remember!

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