Posted by: gaylejervis | March 11, 2011


Yesterday I completed my third Heavy Metal Challenge.  On October 24th 2008, I learned that “ This individual’s urine lead exceeds three times the upper expected limit per the reference population.  Because most of the body burden of lead is excreted in urine, this finding indicates significant burden with attempted detoxification of lead.”    Then on February 2, 2010, I was tested again and received the same results.

On my first heavy metal challenge, I had the same results for levels of mercury that my doctor described as “off the chart.”  However, in 2010,   I had all my amalgam fillings removed which may account for the encouraging results:  the mercury levels had slipped from VERY elevated to elevated. The lab report stated,   “This individuals urine mercury equals or exceeds twice the maximum expected level.”   We were making progress!

When my doctor said that he wanted to administer this test again, I said, “There is an emotional component to my having this test.  If the levels are significantly lower, I won’t have anything left to hang on to.  I have to believe that it is these high levels that are impacting my health.”  Even though I must have sounded completely irrational, he consoled me by reminding me that I had already told him that I am not having  as severe reactions to multiple chemical sensitivities and he added that fatigue is generally the last symptom to disappear.  Also,  he said  he is also exploring other factors that may be contributing to my poor health.  Consequently, he sent me for a blood test for Lyme’s Disease since  a  more accurate test  has become available at some laboratories.

He also has been encouraging me to remove my root canals.  I am not excited about my options once the dead tooth is removed. I could wear a partial plate in my mouth  that I think would drive me crazy.  Or I could leave three vacant spots that is not an option for me.  Or as my holistic dentist suggested, “Wait for a few more months.  There have been some encouraging results for teeth implantations that don’t use titanium.”  I don’t even want to think about the cost for these “cutting edge” implantations!  And I don’t even want to think of my increased anxiety if I have to have this work done!  And yet, my doctor tells me stories of how some of his patients were at an impasse making no improvement until they had their root canals removed.  Perhaps at the very least  I should  find the date for my first root canal to see if there is any correlation to my health.

In the meantime, I will wait expectantly for the results of this Heavy Metal Challenge Test.  I have changed my mind that it will be discouraging if the results have improved!  I have replaced my absurd resistance toward this test with hope that the metals ARE decreasing and that my body will begin to respond positively to less toxicity and that I will begin to experience increased energy.

For information about how we get lead and mercury in our bodies and how we decrease these levels by using  DMSA, check out the following web-site:


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