Posted by: gaylejervis | March 23, 2011


As I waited for my grandson to arrive this morning, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I recalled my watching him last week at his swimming lesson.  He stood in the water and exuberantly shouted, “I’m Spider Man.”   Minutes later he  kneeled in the water filling his mouth with water,  stood up and began shooting out  a spray of water.  Then, during  the scavenger hunt, as he brought back only one color of items to his instructor, he proudly said, “Here are the green ones.”

I couldn’t help think how much more relaxed I am as a Grandma.  Whenever my children “strayed” from paying close attention to the teacher, I would be embarrassed and upset.  But on that day, I laughed since I had learned that when these high energy children who have the joie de vivre become adults, they will no longer be spewing water out of their mouths like dolphins.  And that  is what should make us sad!

When my  grandson arrived, he asked,  “Grandma, what we doing today?”  Well, I’m glad you asked!  While I baked some cupcakes, Jackson watched Disney’s movie, Three Little Pigs. When we were finished,  I told him we were going to read from his Bible about Jesus calming the storm.  He proceeded to look through his book trying to find the story!  Then when we sat down to read it, I couldn’t find it but he reassured me it was there.   He seemed a little indignant when I explained that his Bible didn’t have all of the stories that mine did and so I didn’t know if it was in his!

Jackson  enjoyed filling up a water bottle with water, salt, dishwashing liquid and blue food coloring.  As he shook it, we talked about the storm that Jesus stopped.  He especially enjoyed my filling up the sink with water, adding some dish soap and floating his plastic boats.  I gave him a small wire whisk to create white caps from the big waves.

As I stepped away to prepare for the next activity, I heard him shout, “ The storm is rocking my boat. “  I turned to see his boat coming out of the water as he said, “It’s flying in the air.”  Then moments later he shouts, “Jesus, the boat is sinking.  Help us.”  Yes!!  He just revealed how well he understood the story.  A few minutes later, the storm must have stopped as he began singing, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

I set a bath towel on the floor in the hallway and we stepped into our boat.  However, we got a little distracted as Jackson smiled saying, “The dogs are in our boat.”  Yes, indeed.  As I role- played being Jesus, we got a chuckle since when I lowered my head to sleep, I had both dog’s noses on my head!  However, that didn’t stop Jackson from shouting, “We’re drowning. Jesus, wake up and help us.”  We changed roles since I think he enjoyed standing in the “boat”, stretching out his arm, and speaking firmly to the storm, “Storm, stop.”

A few minutes later I put a ball on the towel and we held the towel on each end.  We rocked it gently and gradually increased our rocking as the ”storm” worsened.

When we did a craft, I was impressed how Jackson knew his shapes:  the circle and triangle as we assembled a boat to glue onto construction paper.  I gave him a rectangle, and he said, “I don’t know that one.”

Jackson saw the Three Pigs’ masks and was anxious to start playing with them.  Therefore, I read two books that had slight variations of the story.  Then we decided where to put each mask in the house to represent each house.  Jackson wanted to be the wolf so I represented the pigs.  While we read the books, we practiced the key lines so we were ready to do some acting.  When I played the pig that had the brick house, I pretended to eat him up when he came down the chimney and landed in my big pot.  He laughed but then decided he wanted to be the three pigs!!  When I came to his brick house, he answered the door by telling me “I’m Ironman.”  I told him, “No, you can’t be Ironman, you are a pig.”  He smiled and said, “I’m Ironman Pig.”

I gave him some pictures of the story so that he could put them in proper sequence.  Then he used his play dough to put on the play mats I had copied from the internet that had pictures of each of the pig’s houses and the pig and wolf.   I always appreciate his keen observations as he looked at the white play dough and said, “I’ve never seen this before.  HMM!”  A few minutes later, he is looking at the orange play dough and shows me some play dough that was stuck together and said, “It looks like a turtle.”  He was absolutely right.  Then he added, “It looks like a carrot ‘cause it’s orange.”

When it was getting close to lunch, I told him that we were going to make “Pigs In A Blanket”.  He enjoyed rolling the biscuit dough around the wiener.  At first he disagreed with me saying, “That’s not a wiener, that’s a hot dog.”    I don’t think he found my explanation very satisfactory since later, when he is eating it, he comments, “It TASTES  like a hot dog.”

Then we decorated the muffins to look like pigs.  I had to set some ground rules that he couldn’t eat while cooking.    Of course, moments later, he is trying to ice the cupcake when he gets icing on his finger.  He looks at me questioningly and then says, “Icing is on my finger.  I need to eat it.”  I nod my head and then wash his hands again.  As he is putting the triangular cookie shapes on the pigs for its ears, he comments, “They look like pyramids.”  Pyramids?  “Where did you hear that word?”  He proceeded to give me quite a lengthy explanation about a movie that he watched  had pyramids!!  Who says you can’t learn from watching videos?



  1. Gayle –

    Jackson is one smart little boy, and so fortunate to have such an interactive Grandma in his life.
    If I ever become a grandparent, I need lessons from you!

  2. I am definitely enjoying your adventures with Jackson. You are organized and he is enjoying the fruits of your labor. I, on the other hand, seem to be ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ with my granddaughters but fortunately they seem to be ‘enjoying the ride’ as well.

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