Posted by: gaylejervis | April 7, 2011


Jackson slept at our place last night  and reminded Greg and me again  how we  should start our day.  Jackson never seems to wake grouchy thinking he needs more time for sleep!  He doesn’t pull off his covers reluctantly, he doesn’t stretch trying to work out any aches, nor does he gingerly place his feet on the floor while yawning. He doesn’t feel overwhelmed wondering if he will accomplish all those items he had written on his list the night before.  This little boy lives completely in the present.  He wakes rested and has great expectations since he knows that today will be another delightful day of playing with his toys and perhaps seeing some friends or going on some errands.

This morning after saying hello to his Grandpa who was sitting at the computer in the office, he went downstairs to bring up the story book he knew I would be reading to him today.  As he poured over the pictures of The Gingerbread Man, he sat in my chair sitting in front of my desk.  Greg occasionally interjected some comments about the story but otherwise they just enjoyed the kind of quiet that comes from two people comfortable with each other.  Later, he “bounced” into my bedroom with his big, beaming smile where I was drying my hair.  I smiled back as I recalled his generous, selfless act toward me last night.  I had looked at him when he was particularly exuberant, and asked, “Jackson, could you give me some of your energy?”  He immediately said, ”Yes,” and gave me a big hug.  I think he really   believed that he could transfer some of his energy to me. Actually he probably did.  I came across the lyrics of a song called, “Your Love Is My Energy.”  His loving hug definitely had energy raising properties!!

After breakfast, we read from The Preschooler Bible, the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000.  We also found some short videos of this story from Youtube.  Jackson colored a picture of two fish and five loaves of bread.  We cut them out and put the food on a plate.  Then he decided he should pretend to eat the bread.  However, he wasn’t attracted to the two full fishes on the other plate!!

I gave him some graham wafers and told him to break the wafers into as many pieces as he could.  We talked about whether this plate of wafers could feed a lot of people just because he cut them into a lot of small pieces.  I had printed 20 copies of a page of 100 smiling faces to help him visualize that Jesus was talking to a huge crowd of people.  As I showed him the sheet of many faces, I told him that these people had been listening to Jesus for a long time and now they were very hungry.  Immediately he asked, “Where are we going to feed the crowd of people?  “  I told him we were going downstairs, and as he nodded his head, he said, “Let’s go meet the crowd.  Jesus is going to feed them.”   After he lay all of those sheets on the floor, he put the plate of food that he had colored in front of the crowd.  He understood that only Jesus could turn that food into more food!

We returned upstairs to decorate a Gingerbread Man that I had cut from sandpaper.  He is so funny since  his decorations all had to be green because that is his current favorite color.

After reading a couple of versions of this story, we used the masks to act out the story.  He played the role of the Gingerbread Man while I was all of the other people who chased the gingerbread man.  However, we changed roles when the Gingerbread man meets the wolf!  He lay on his back and told the gingerbread man to jump on his back, then on his head and finally on his nose. I loved the way he tossed his head back as he pretended to gobble up the cookie!  Actually,  he enjoyed that part of the story so much that he played the role of the wolf several times.

I was surprised how quickly the morning went as we did these activities.  We had lunch while Jackson watched a video of various fairy tales and then we had our customary afternoon nap! He is such a sweetheart since he doesn’t always need to nap anymore but he knows that I need a nap and so he very obligingly crawls into his bed and catches up on his rest for the week too!



  1. What great memories you are making with Jackson. This is very special. He will remember these moments long after Gramma is ‘gone’. Not that you’re going anywhere soon but….you know what I mean. He appears to be growing too. Going to be tall like his dad eh!!!

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