Posted by: gaylejervis | April 12, 2011


I just  hate – okay, just envy  – those people who make a resolution and say years later that they have never missed a day of follow through since that decision.  And I get disgusted with myself when   I know rationally something is good for me to do but I still don’t do it.    Well, I am tired of reading how exercise is good for EVERYONE – even those who are exhausted and who are in pain and yet my good intentions get sabotaged by those very symptoms.  Therefore, I have recently begun  implementing  an  exercise program  that has a greater chance of being  effective since I am applying current research about how to make changes that are hard.  If you are interested in following my journey, check out my guest post called “Is The Elephant Or The Rider In Charge”  at the following web-site:



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