Posted by: gaylejervis | April 28, 2011


Last week Jackson and I read the Easter Story from his Preschool Bible.  Then we acted out the scene of Jesus riding the donkey through Jerusalem.  As we laid scarves and coats on the floor and waved flowers in the air, we shouted, “Praise the Lord.  King of Kings” repeating what we had read in his book.  Then suddenly, Jackson excitedly said, “Bad men are after Jesus.  Jesus is throwing bowling balls at them.”  I explained that Jesus could have destroyed the bad people but he chose not to.  Jackson is into super heroes and he wasn’t too sure if he liked that answer.  It seemed like a good opportunity to sit down and try to explain the concept of sin and what Jesus did for us!

We sat down at the table and I handed him a pencil and a piece of paper.   Then I asked him if he ever gets into trouble.  He lowered his head and shook it slowly as he said, “Yeah!  My dad doesn’t want me to play with his keys.”

“And do you play with your dad’s keys?”  This time  he nodded his head rather slowly and said, “Yeah.”  Well, I explained, “You are a very good boy, but sometimes you do wrong things. Just put a mark on the paper with your pencil when you think of things you might do that are wrong.  Then he proceeded to tell me, “I got into trouble with Mommy.  I had to go to my bedroom.  Mommy didn’t let me go to Ben’s house.”

“Well let’s put another pencil mark on the paper for that time you did wrong.”

Then I will never forget this next moment when I explained that, “Grandma does wrong things too.”

Wide-eyed and incredulous, Jackson asked, “What did YOU do to get in trouble?”  I hated to dispel his illusion of my perfection but I took his pencil and marked the paper with examples of things I do wrong!  Then I handed him the eraser and explained this eraser is like Jesus who erases all of the things we do wrong and all of the wrong things we say!  Shortly after, he enjoyed using a tube of white icing and made a cross on the purchased Hot Cross Buns.

I hoped that we were now for me to teach him how to explain the Easter Story by putting together  the Wordless Book.   I lined up the colored sheets of construction paper that I had hole punched earlier.  I showed him the Black Paper and told him that this page reminds us of all those things we do wrong.  Then I showed him the Red Paper and explained how Jesus died on the cross so that He could erase all of those sins.  I had to restrain myself from  laughing  when he began repeating what this Red page meant as he got quite animated and graphic describing the nails in Jesus’ feet and hands and ALL the blood that was all over his body.  (I did not explain this part quite so dramatically but he has quite a flair for drama!!)  We continued on with the White Page where we are pure as snow, and Gold when we all go to heaven.  But the hi-light was the Green page where he put happy stickers since the Easter Story makes us SOOO happy!  We tied these sheets together with a ribbon and it was very gratifying to see that when his Dad came to pick him up, he wanted to show his book to him and he related what each color meant to his Dad!

Apparently, at home when he was practicing this story at one point he said, Let’s just “read” the Green Page.  It’s the Happy Page! “  After all, green is his favorite color!

In fact, when he came over on Sunday for his traditional Easter Egg hunt, he found a green plastic egg beside his gift and he got really animated and excited shouting, “Yahoo!!  A green egg!”  For some reason,  he associates the color green with happiness and excitement. 

As I write this post, it is 3:00 in the morning – another night without sleep due to too much pain and too much coughing.  But I choose to believe that the Easter Story makes all the difference how I manage my illness and I choose to believe that Christ’s Resurrection  gives me hope and power during the tough times.  And I choose to believe that  the Resurrection empowers me with happiness and excitement and faith and it reminds me that there are many more “green pages” for me to read.  And even though it is easier during the good times, it is even more crucial to shout during the tougher times, “Yahoo!  A Green Egg.”  And so I sit here on the sofa hoping that my pain medication and the T.E.N.S. machine and the heat packs and the cough syrup and the cough drops and the humidifier and the hot chocolate will soon soothe the pain and quiet my cough.  And  taking my queue from my grandson, I prayerfully whisper life-giving, power-enabling resurrection excitement,  “Yahoo!”  



  1. I just want you to know you are not forgotten. I am praying that you are recovering.


  2. Hi Gayle – I just found your blog yesterday. Thank you so much. I appreciate so much how you have put your experience into words. I can relate to much of it. I don’t know what has happened to cause you to not post for this long. But I want you to know that I said a prayer for you and I hope to hear from you soon.

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