Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.  For the first three years I was mainly bedridden; gradually, I have been able to function “more normally” in the mornings, but I must take long naps every afternoon.  Occasionally, during a time of greater energy, I can do something in an afternoon.  However, that would require much greater expenditure of energy so that I would need to make up that time the next day.  Sometimes I can socialize and go to shows, theatre and visit friends.  However, those activities are always planned with the possibility of my having to cancel.

I wish I had kept a record of all of the treatments I have tried – some from “regular” doctors and others from doctors who have opted to practice natural medicine.  My Taiwanese friend who knew very little English took me to China Town and I was introduced to a Chinese Doctor who treated me with a huge variety of herbs. She would try to be my translator!! Then I would  take these herbs home and brew them on the stove for hours where the smell would permeate through the entire house and my children would enter gagging!  I have drunk everything from donkey ear crystals melted in hot water to the popular juices such as Goji and Mangosteen.  I have been attached to Pap-Imi machines; I have had foot ion cleanses, I have had acupuncture, and massage.  I have seen a psychologist to see if there were any emotional issues hindering my progress.  I have taken a  variety of  anti-depressants, pain medications, anti-inflammatories and sleeping pills.  Whenever I ran out of treatment options, my husband would tell me not to give up but to find something else!  I have literally looked in the Yellow Pages to find my next treatment!

Just when I felt I was running out of ideas, I believe a divine appointment occurred.  I wasn’t well enough to take my mother-in-law to a retinal doctor’s appointment myself, but my son drove us there and later picked us up.  During that time, I saw a woman working there who I hadn’t seen for years.   We spoke for only a few minutes and I didn’t think anymore of it. However, when my mother-in-law returned there for another appointment, she saw this same woman and shared with her how ill I have been.  She said that I should see a particular doctor who has helped a lot of people.  Knowing nothing about this man except that it looked like he was a gynecologist/obstetrician, I made an appointment with him.  I would have to wait ten months before I could see him.  I had no real expectations of him except that I was having a lot of hormonal complications and thought he might at least help me with that!

When I finally met him, I learned that he was one of five physicians in Canada who specializes in Environmental Medicine.  He proceeded to give me a large battery of tests besides my filling out 60 pages of questions that had to do with every aspect of my health since I was a baby. He is the first doctor who believes he can cure me even though he said that it could take up to two years before I make significant improvement. He has expressed incredulity that I have been able to function to the extent that I have due to the results of the tests.  I like to think that all of my former treatments  I kept trying at least helped me to some extent!! I have been on his treatment protocol for the past 10 months and during those months I became mostly bedridden again!  At one point,  he  suggested that I could take a 3  month break from the treatment to stabilize my reactions to his treatment protocol,  but I chose to continue.

Unfortunately, during these treatments I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in January 2010 and he advised that I stop all medications until after I healed from the surgery.  I had a radical hysterectomy in March that set me back considerably with my other health problems.

Consequently it is 2011 and I never made the progress I had hoped by this time.  I had originally started this blog to discuss my gradual progress but instead it turned into a description of many setbacks until I finally stopped posting.  I am presently hoping that I can start following all of my doctor’s recommendations once again and to examine what is needed to help me  optimize my healing environment so that I can increase the possibility of my  health being  restored. I also intend to focus on living life as fully as I can while I am ill.  Finally,  I  intend to explore various  components such as the emotions, the  physical, the mental and the spiritual to be prepared   for the adventure I plan to embark when I am healthy!



  1. If I forget you, do not forget me. Amen.
    There was a time when I am pretty sure God was the last thing on my mind, no matter the situation. Now, even if I don’t have my personal devotional times in the morning, He springs to mind in various circumstances throughout the day and I intentionally ‘call on Him’ for mini miracles as I do my daily routine or unexpected duties. That has only come about by my ‘born again’ experience many years ago when in a time of personal struggle and when all else failed, I was drawn to Him for answers (or perhaps it was because I quit stuggling against Him that He could finally pull me closer to Himself). Whatever the reason, I can say that He walks with me daily whether I think of Him as being there or not. My mind’s eye continually sees and feels His presence. Your words have reinforced for me the fact that He is with us in all the mundane and all the new and exciting. Most often, it is not until the quiet moments when we process all that we have seen and experienced to discover He was there all the time! Your blogging allows you to process His presence in your life. It also allows me to share in your experience of ‘how great is our God’ and leads me to a new level of faith and trust with Him myself.

  2. Thanks Linda for such encouraging comments! I love receiving your feedback.

  3. “never made” doesn’t mean never will.

    And “progress” can mean many things – as I see it, you’ve made enormous progress from what you relate in this brief bio. Society’s idea of progress is often pretty warped.

    As for your doc, don’t get discouraged at having to go slower than he’s ever seen before – it’s common among people like us to have very strong reactions to treatments of any kind. When you see him again, you might want to be sure he understands this aspect and is willing to take baby steps.

    Like you, I’ve tried more treatments than I can count. I quit when I told myself that I was sure the machine I was hooked up to at the time would be on 60 Minutes one day as a sham. It wasn’t – it was on 20/20 ;) (I don’t mean to imply your current doc is like that! Just remarking on shared experiences.)

    Still, I only gambled the amount of money I knew I could afford to lose and it wasn’t anything potentially dangerous, so I’m not sorry as it was a step in my learning. Now, I stay informed, I have hope – like you, I just don’t have my life on hold.

    Living well, fully, growing inside…the most marvelous progress!

    • Yes, we have invested a lot of money toward my health and often its only benefit was to give us some hope! Thanks for the caution for my doctor and yes he realized this awhile back so we are taking it much more slowly. Unfortunately the treatment stopped completely for close to a year while I recovered from a radical hysterectomy. Fortunately I have good mentoring when I watched my Mom endure many tough circumstances and I have learned that we can’t stop living well while we wait to get well! Sometimes I just wish it took a lot less effort!

  4. Hi Gayle,
    The name of the tea that I drink that I told you about is called Essiac Tea. I buy mine in tea bags. You can email me for more info at my private email if you like.
    God Bless,

  5. Wow ! how did I get here? I think I was googling Moses crafts for my Bible class tonight. Like you, I’ve battled with endometriosis and have had more doctors than I can count and more treatments then I care to remember. I’ve drank teas, and chugged herbal pills and the doctors only seem to want to prescribe pain pills to get me through the day. I’m praying for your complete healing. Your story with your grandson is so uplifting!It’s so wonderful to see such interaction. I’ve never had that with my kids and their grandparents. I’d take each day and write it in a blessings journal . And focus on the good that can be seen from our Father each and every day. I love to listen to Joyce Meyer ( even though I dont always agree with her, I do enjoy her comedy about her hardships and enduring pain throughout her life. God bless you on your continued journey! I pray for your health and that you are a shining light to those around you.

    • Thanks for such encouraging words. Today my grandson came over and I wasn’t well enough to do what I had planned. However, we were still able to read some books together and watch a movie together and chat. Investing in his life and my new granddaughter’s life and my soon to be grandson keeps me focused on living as well as I can while ill and keeps me focused on finding new answers! I certainly relate to your health journey and pray that both you and I will someday be completely healed. In the meantime you give wise counsel – writing in a blessings journal! I am glad you arrived at my blog “accidentally”!

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